Data Protection Policy to the event marketing of Convento GmbH, Neuss

Sas of May 2018

1) Purpose of data processing
We, Convento GmbH in Neuss, have been active in the B2B environment since 1994 and offer software solutions and services for communication professionals in public relations and investor relations.

To supplement our range of services, we offer our clearly defined target group free events ("PR breakfasts") several times a year in changing locations, at which a well-known speaker talks about a topic of interest to the industry. We conduct an online survey in the industry no more than once a year. The invitations to the breakfasts and surveys are usually sent to the e-mail business address of the recipients. In addition, registrations, cancellations and participations are stored and processed.

2) Target group
In order to reach our recipients in a targeted manner and to be relevant and useful with the invitations, we only store and process the business data of natural persons in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with the following positions only:

  • Press spokesperson or media spokesperson
  • Head or employee of the Corporate Communications, Public Relations or Investor Relations departments
  • Manager or employee in a PR agency

3) Type of storage
We only store the following job-related information:

  • Name, academic title, job title or position, company, professional e-mail address
  • Date and reason/occasion of the first data entry
  • Previous participation in Convento GmbH webinars, events or surveys

4) Origin of data
Communication managers and employees from press offices, investor relations departments or PR agencies register for free events or webinars via the Convento website. By registering, they consent to the sending of further invitations and to the storage and processing of their work-related personal data.

Interested parties register for free webinars or download whitepapers or product information via the Convento website.
In addition, we use for the update of our database publicly accessible personal data from press releases, press areas or media corners on websites of companies and agencies or from other publicly accessible portals on which the companies publish their reports and in which contacts for journalists and media or investors are named.

5) Data security
We carry out all technical and organisational measures (TOM´s) using state-of-the-art technology in order to guarantee the best possible protection of data. The personal data is stored in a TÜV-certified computer centre in Düsseldorf. We have specifically committed all employees and contract data processors to data protection: employees via the employment contract, contractors via DPC (Data Processing) contracts. Further information can be found on the website (e.g. General Terms and Conditions, Data Protection Declaration) or can be provided by us on request.

6) Consent, legitimate interest
We usually store and process data for which we have permission to process ("Opt In"). Affected parties can withdraw their permission to send messages, request a copy of their data record, or request that we delete or change their data at any time. An unsubscribe button ("Opt out") is available in each e-mail to revoke the permission to send e-mail invitations.

In individual cases it cannot always be excluded that recipients have not yet given their explicit consent to the sending of invitations. In this case, we assume our legitimate interest under Article 6(f) GDPR and Recital 47(7) GDPR. Furthermore, there is also a legitimate interest among the recipients, as only invitations to free industry events and occasionally to industry-specific surveys are sent out. This prevails over the other interests, fundamental freedoms and fundamental rights of the recipients in this case.

7) Contact Person
Responsible for data protection at Convento GmbH is

Dipl.-Kfm. Rainer Maassen
Managing Director

If you have any queries, requests or comments on the issue of data protection, please email us in the first instance at Data protection at Convento is also consistently monitored and supported by our external data protection officer:

Mr. Axel Krause, lawyer
Law firm Geerkens - Frommen - Krause
Drususallee 84
41460 Neuss